Luke Etherton


First student of Mr. Gerry Holland's 4th Class '03/'04, St. Emer's N.S. to fill up his 2004 F.A. Premier League sticker book.
Staring contest 1000m relay world champion.
Can operate camera.

Buses jigsaw and move out of line;
'neath irie lights, cold jasmine and boon,
gypsy pipes on Gardiner crooned:
discord and temperamental I'm
rejoicing in you with internal rhyme,
my prayers like old tram fares strewn;
spoken from corners, this phase of the moon:
"ev'rything, ev'rything all the time."
While testing and tasting we both withdrew
and later said nothing with mild alarm
as if I could puncture your warm disarm,
no longer enjoined to help you through
your pain undue, to keep from harm
for your renewal, my mind askew.


  • Photography